Wotzitz and Bibelot's Command Procurements

Episode 4: The Devil's Lettuce

-Four brave personal shoppers set out to collect a bushel of elusive salad greens:
-Rotom: the Kobold Wizard whose tricksy problem-solving hardly ever gets a friend killed
-Arfus: the Gnome Druid whose trust Dog was off enjoying a spa day
-Carrow: The Aasimar Cleric who believes on can use one’s AK (Angel Knowledge) and still have a good day.
-Leslie: the Human Warlock who sought this commission because he’d “rather help other nobles than regular people.”

-Baron von Wotzitz tasked the Operatives with finding a bushel of Umar Cress, a rare vegetable that had disappeared from market just in time for Dona Liada’s pregnancy cravings to reach critical status.
-The party traveled to the Amnian capital of Athkatla. They asked around the giant open-air market about the Cress, but were told that all Umar Cress shipments came from a distributor in Esmeltaran named Yargo, and that none had arrived in the city for months.
-They sought passage to the halfling-dominated resort city of Esmeltaran aboard a state-of-the-art elemental-powered riverboat.
-To avoid the steep fare, Rotom paid for the party’s passage with a sack of glamered copperpieces, with surprising ease.
-Upon arrival in Esmeltaran, the party learned of the Kobold’s larceny when they were stopped by six short-statured guards, led by Captain Pablito, who reminded them that magical communication over distance exists in modern Faerun.
-Arfus paid the fare to stay out of jail and the remaining Operatives followed suit…except for Rotom who had conveniently disappeared (he found them once again once the heat died down.)
-The party moved on to the Restaurante de Meio-Pinta. The maitre-d’ was very accommodating but echoed the vendors in Athkatla: no Umar Cress was coming into the city this year. He did tell them that the Cress only grew in the Umar Hills to the south, between two long-dormant volcanoes called Kossuth’s Eyes.
-The party agreed to investigate the Umar Hills for signs of Cress, and return as much as they could to the Maio-Pinta in exchange for use of a cart and two horses. They planned to spend the night, but noted a clandestine man nearby eavesdropping on their conversation. He furtively took his leave, and the Operatives tailed him back to a small apartment between two alleys.
-The room into which the man entered contained several other people, and the party overheard him relaying their plan to find the Umar Cress. Peeking through the ajar door, they saw a room decorated with devotional tapestries to Asmodeus!
-Wasting no time, the party rigged the apartment doors to trap the potential cultists inside. They forewent their overnight stay, instead collecting the cart and horses and departing for the Umar hills as daylight dwindled.
-The approach was uneventful, but not long after reaching the piedmont of Kossuth’s Eyes, the party saw an overturned cart, not unlike their own, abandoned and empty but for the carcasses of its horses and the three giant vultures feasting upon them!
-Unable to go around them without abandoning their own cart, the vultures needed to be dealt with. Arfus channeled her Druidic powers to address the loathsome creatures, convincing them that a bear fight was taking place nearby and would certainly precipitate a meal more delicious than some horsemeat. The vultures flew off, and the Operatives circumvented the scene.
-Continuing south on the road through the hills, the party approached a jury rigged barricade consisting of two wooden watchtowers and some logs approximating a gate. Four archers stood atop the towers and as the cart drew near, told them without subtlety that the party would proceed no further. Leslie stepped forward to plead their case but was met with a warning shot that said they archers were not interested in parlay.
-Just then the giant vultures returned, upset for having been duped, and with several more of their fellows in tow! Hungry for revenge (also just hungry) the huge birds attacked.
-Rotom cast a magical fog cloud to obscure the cart as the vultures swarmed. The archers on the wall, startled, could not help but open fire on the scavengers. As the vultures turned their attention on the archers, the Operatives sneaked out of the swirling battle by various devices, abandoning their cart and horses as casualties.
-The vultures eventually overwhelmed and picked apart the hapless archers, but not before the latter had fired some flaming beacon arrows high into the sky, summoning reinforcements. The party watched from a safe distance as a group of men traveled up the road from further south with torches. They drove off the remaining vultures and their compatriots’ remains. One man instructed the others to deliver the corpses to “Qarlathi” and said he would watch the gate until others returned.
-The Operatives reasoned this man must have answers and succeeded in capturing him without incident. They sought to interrogate the man but he gave them very little (Qarlathi was the leader and was at Durzo farm) before attempting to use magic to wriggle free and being cut down for his efforts.
-The party could only travel on foot further into the hills. They encountered a small farmhouse around which the fields had recently been harvested. Evidence was seen that the residents of the home had left suddenly and recently. Cart tracks from this farm led further down the road, and following those, the operatives knew that they had reached Durzo farm.
- At a large staging area used to load crops into carts, an imposing devil stood, a pair of imps at his sides, barely controlling an angry mob of over a dozen farmers who argued that the shipment had to leave early. The farmers presented their dead compatriots as proof that the operation was under attack. The purple-skinned fiend, with a a writhing beard of spiked tendrils, admonished the gang to keep to the schedule when suddenly, Carrow appeared in their midst in his full angelic majesty: glowing eyes and luminous ghostly wings, as he hovered over their heads, entreating the farmers away from the Ashmadai and back to the light.
-The devil, Qarlathi, stepped forward to punish the Aasimar’s impertinence, but Carrow, challenged the fiend to a contest for the souls of the cress farmers. Qarlathi acceded and named his terms: 3 tests, comparing musical prowess, combat superiority, and stamina.
-Carrow agreed and, even though he had to borrow a set of pan pipes from his ally, was blessed by Oghma to defeat the devil in the music contest. The combat portion, though, didn’t go as planned. Qarlathi brought a whirling storm of glaive strikes and whipping tendrils, and to his allies, Carrow seemed overmatched.
-Rather than wait to see their ally cut down, the other Operatives maneuvered to position before joining the battle. The four fought fiercely as the devil, his imps, and the farmer-cultists tried to repel them. Together, the operatives brought down Qarlathi and the imps while managing not to kill any of the farmers.
-The hapless farmers begged forgiveness for their shortsightedness and swore to follow the straight and narrow from here on. They a cart of cress to return to Esmeltaran for their trouble, which the Operatives accepted. Upon their return, the party was gladly received but still had to race to Sir Praethas and Dona Liada’s estate before the volatile mother-to-be destroyed the house.
-Arriving at the manor in Suzail, the ruse was revealed: Praethas and Liada were both dedicated to trying to stamp out Ashmadai activity and were unable to act directly due to the strict rules of the Purple Dragons. They thanked the Operatives for their service, promised to use their intel to mobilize more opposition to the fiend cult, and thanked them especially for the delicious Umar Cress.

Loot and XP
Rotom, Arfus, Carrow, and Leslie each receive _______ GP (coming soon).
The active PCs are each awarded 5 days Downtime.
The active PCs receive 3 XP.
Their (actual or hypothetical) second PCs received 2 XP.
All inactive PCs (and those yet to be created) receive 1 XP

Episode 3: Boys and Their Toys

-five Operatives were dispatched to collect an heirloom puzzle-box from a dead tinker’s tomb:
-Arfus (Kelly), the Gnome Druid, celebrated being in the demographic majority for once
-Carrow (Ryan), the Aasimar Cleric, possibly the first Celestial to try graverobbing.
-Grout (Sarah), the Half-Orc Barbarian, hoping to make Clan Bob proud.
-Mads (Steve), the Fighter, resolved to be the hardest-working Half-Orc in the Realms.
-Egil (Tim), The Human rogue, perfectly content to work smarter, not harder.

-young gnome Esbith Gobblebright commissioned the services of Baron von Wotzitz in recovering her Uncle Persimmon’s puzzle-box, which contained the key to his burrow, bequeathed to esbith in his will but inadvertantly interred with him in his tomb.
-The party traveled by teleportal to Elturel, a very upstanding and frankly boring city run by Paladins and other goody-types.
-They visited Esbith’s rented room in town, after a brief interrogation by the landlady Missus Wire. Esbith told them that Uncle Persimmon had been a lovely man, but also an eccentric tinker and inventor whose tomb was furnished by himself and the gadget-obsessed priests of Gond.
-The Operatives moved on to Elturel’s large cemetery. They were granted entrance by the guards upon displaying a notarized writ from the Gobblebright estate.
-Persimmon’s tomb was ostentatious nut not especially large, to outward appearances. The party stepped into the mausoleum where they encountered a large statue of the dead gnome, brandishing a staff topped with a red gem. A disembodied voice spoke, telling them in cheerful but firm tones that attempting to rob the tomb would result in calamity, and that only Esbith, with the key (ironically the same key the party sought in the puzzle-box), would be able to pass through unharmed.
-Egil determined that the plinth upon which the statue rested was trapped. Bypassing it, the party was able to determine a hatch in the floor from which clockwork stairs descended into a handsomely appointed (and lit!) subterranean corridor.
-The hall contained 2 doors along each side, each of which was guarded by a standing suit of plate armor, the their helm-visors raised to display their emptiness. a 5th door showed no handle but was richly carved, with a pattern of four shapes prominently displayed. The party resolved to try opening the side doors (which offered no hints as to an order) one after another. First, they decided, they would tie up the armor suits, which no doubt had been enchanted.
-The armour proved uninterested in being tied up, and sprang to attack when the first suit was touched. In close quarters, the animated armor was relentless and very tough, and it took the concentrated efforts of the five Operatives to defeat them.
-Only as the last animated armor fell was it noticed that the raised visors on the helmets showed the four shapes carved into the main door. The party determined that by turning the doorknobs of each side door in order, as determined by the armor assigned to each, they could open the main door, and did so.
-Two paths diverged from this door, and while each took a serpentine path, they proved eventually to converge at a great chamber, framed by numerous pedestals upon which curious clockwork gadgets were displayed, depicting animals, a music box, and a dollhouse: Persimmon’s life’s work. At the center was a sarcophagus and an active, armed suit, more resplendent and imposing than the others, and making no effort to conceal its ambulatory status.
-Perhaps there was some great puzle to be solved here, but the Operatives preferred a more direct path. While Egil crept toward the sarcophagus, others advanced toward the displayed toys. They immediately sprang to life, chattering and whirring; some of them hovering over their stands. Startled, the nearest party members attacked a several of the toys, notably a clockwork dragon, and those toys shockingly seemed inclined to punish the Operatives for their ill manners! The armored guardian, as well, joined combat.
-Egil furtively opened the sarcophagus and found Persimmon’s corpse, well preserved, with a puzzle box in one hand, and a strange mechanical tube and a small pouch in the other. Scooping up the lot, he bolted past the combatants to encourage their retreat before turning to contribute as well.
-The party executed a tactical withdrawal hoping at least to escape, but they proved victorious, silencing their foes before walking casually out the front door.

Mads, Grout, Carrow, Arfus, and Egil each receive _______ GP (can someone please fill in this blank? I lost the marked-up sheet).

Egil is currently in possession of an Arquebus:
2d12 piercing, range 50/100, Loading, Two-Handed. Included are powder and shot for 8 uses. Additional powder and shot must be custom-made for 10 GP per round.
Egil may keep this item or offer it to the other Active PCs from the session. If none claim it, it will be offered to the roster at large.

The active PCs are each awarded 1 week Downtime.

The active PCs receive 3 XP.
Their (actual or hypothetical) second PCs received 2 XP.
All inactive PCs (and those yet to be created) receive 1 XP

Episode 2: Squad Gnolls
-Four adventurers set out for The Vast Swamp to strike back against a bandit menace:

-Mads (Steve), the half-orc fighter, was the only one excited to be traveling by boat rather than teleportal.
-Claudette (Rachel), the halfling thief, too curious for her own good?
-Leslie (Kevin), the human warlock, was a befuddling combination: an effete snob with a massive eldritch blade slung over his shoulder.
-Runcible (Derek), the…uh…elf, I suppose… cleric or whatever? was certainly there, if anything about him is certain.

-Captain Bibelot dispatched the Operatives to track down Lady Chressa Rowanmantle, which had been stolen by gnolls.
-The party took a ferry to Urmlaspyr, a Sembian border city ravaged by recent war between Netheril and Myth Drannor. From Urmlaspy, the rode toward the village of Battlerise.
-En route to Battlerise, hills and groves gave way to a dark, dank swamp. The Operatives spotted gnoll scouts off the path, but were not attacked.
-Battlewise proved to be a small settlement of fishermen and crabbers. A boat, marked “Garvis Brothers” was big enough to transport them, and a teenage boy named Harvid Garvis offered to convey them up the bayou to the “gnoll fort” for a cut, which the party negotiated to a flat fee.
-The Operatives reconnoitered the boat and found that Harvid’s three “brothers” were very unlikely brothers; one was a dwarf and one was a girl. Cautiously, they accepted the offer and spent the night at Sam Chableez’ rooming house.
-In the morning, the Garvis Brothers delivered the party to a large island in the swamp and instructed them that the gnoll fort was at the summit.
-The party marched a narrow path dotted occasionally with footbridges. One footbridge crossed a stream with visible current and appeared to be badly damaged.
-Mads gamely leapt the broken bridge, but it proved to be a trap! just on the other side of the bridge was a covered pit, into which the half-orc tumbled, his fall broken by a mound of hissing, poisonous vipers! The party sprang to his aid and were able to eventually free him, somewhat worse for wear.
-Back on the path, the Operatives approached a large, 10-foot-tall stockade, at the front of which were two large guard towers, each with a pulley system presumably designed to open the gates.
-A wooded area stretched alongside the and Claudette struck off to climb a tall tree and scout inside. From her perch, she saw a small encampment of yurts, a covered rostrum with a sort of throne and massed treasure, and a large pen containing a half-dozen horrific creatures: the shambling, rotten forms of undead gnolls! Claudette raced back to report to her companions, but a false step alerted the gnoll watchmen to the presence of intruders.
-The gnoll guards began to loose arrows as the Operatives closed the distance to the gates. They paused only to work the pulleys atop their towers, which raised not the main gates, but hidden panels in front of them, which provided cover for the gnolls and simultaneously released 4 large hyenas! The party returned fire and pressed forward, fighting to reach and scale the stockades.
-As crested the guard towers, however, the party saw immediately saw the resplendent breastplate they’d been sent to recover: worn by a larger gnoll, clearly the leader, who unexpectedly shouted threats at them in broken Common before opening the inner pen that Claudette had spotted. Undead gnolls (Witherlings) poured forth with none of the halting lethargy of zombies. These moved, climbed and fought with Gnoll savagery and met the intruders at the wall. It was Runcible’s divine rebuke that turned them back.
-The Operatives pressed forward, through and over the bodies of gnolls and hyenas. Finally the leader fell, and the party collected the Rowanmantle breastplate as well as packing off the gnolls’ ill-gotten spoils.
-On returning to the boat, the Garvis Brothers were waiting. They shoved off once the Operatives and shiny treasure were aboard, before drawing crossbows and demanding that the party climb overboard and swim home. As the party began to draw steel, Harvid laughed and said they were just joking.

Loot and XP:

Mads, Claudette, Leslie, and Runcible each receive _______ GP (can someone please fill in this blank? I lost the marked-up sheet).
They recovered 2 spell scrolls:

Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm (L2, EE pg 22)
Water Breathing (L3, PH pg 287)
These may be claimed by any of the active PCs. If none choose to keep the scrolls, they will be offered to the Roster at large.

The active PCs are each awarded 1 week Downtime.

The active PCs receive 3 XP.
Their (actual or hypothetical) second PCs received 2 XP.
All inactive PCs (and those yet to be created) receive 1 XP.

Episode 1: Tooth and Snail

-Four adventurers answered Baron Von Wotzitz’s call and volunteered to be the first to test the new, stable teleportal from Westgate to Iriaebor:
-Arfus, (Kelly) the gnome druid, brought her eponymous Dog.
-Mads, (Steve) the half-orc fighter, brought a variety of maritime harming implements.
-Tjrolka, (Shawn) the dwarf barbarian, was eager to hand out samples of her microbrew.
-and Owain, (Kevin) the human bard, if you can call him that, brought his tough-love approach to teambuilding.

-The party agreed to look in on the estate of Lord Thorbry, a friend of the Baron’s and a patron of the Organization.
-Lord Thorbry is a pony rancher who recently began suffering losses due to goblin activity.
-The party teleported from Aurora’s Boutique in Westgate to Aurora’s Boutique in Iriaebor, City of Spires.
-They hired horses and began the three-day journey along the Dusk Road to Corm Orp.
-The first night, they rented rooms from Gustawa at the Goose Mill Inn.
-A strange man at the Inn tried to discourage them from interfering in Corm Orp. After Arfus interrogated his horse and Tjrolka literally squeezed him for info. The man (Gheff) copped to being a Zhentarim agent, and said any goblin activity on the Ranch wax sanctioned by the mob! Owain magically impelled Gheff to take an 8-hour walk in the other direction without his horse.
-The second evening, the party made camp and were set upon by a pair of foul, two-headed canines. Death Dogs! They felled the beasts, but not before Mads and Arfus suffered burning, debilitating wounds.
-The third day, Mads’s infection had cleared and Arfus used her Druidic magic to cure hers. The party rode on and finally reached the happy, cheerful Halfling town of Corm Orp.
-Lord Thorbry was alone on his pony ranch. He attested that the Zhentarim had tried to triple the amount of protection money they collected from him, and he had refused. Since then, his mushroom cave had been vandalized and he had seen goblins coming and going. He’d written off the cave as a loss, but now some of his ponies had been killed and dragged into the cave.
-The party spent the night in Thorbry’s manor, waking before dawn to investigate the cave. They discovered that the wooden shelves used to grow mushrooms had been overturned and destroyed and partially eaten. The strangest part was the shattered glass fragments strewn about the floor: there was no sign of where glass might have come from.
-A left-heading tunnel that Thorbry thought was new showed signs that a bloody animal had been dragged off. A right-leaning tunnel showed a higher concentration of glass than the main chamber.
-The party headed left and followed the blood trail. They avoided a rudimentary alarm tripwire, but even so the goblins heard them coming. They entered a large chamber that 5 goblins had fortified into a defensible position, and two archers in little towers loosed arrows as the remaining 3 raced to the walls. One by one, the goblins fell, with the leader almost escaping but to no avail. As he expired, the foul humanoid hissed “You want it for yourself? Fine. I hope it turns you all to glass.”
The group saw that the goblins had been cutting and collecting large panes of the glass and putting them atop big haypiles for safekeeping. A large sack containing the princely sum of 150 gold pieces was found in the goblin leader’s hut; it was accompanied by a note, written presumably in Goblin which none of the party could read.
-The party decided to investigate the other tunnel, hoping to suss out the source of the goblins’ glass prospecting. This tunnel eventually gave way to a solid glass-coated floor, smooth as a frozen pond, which led to a giant, nearly empty chamber, the floor entirely covered in thick, slippery glass. A small, dark pool could be found at the center of the chamber and near it, a giant, beautifully-coloured snail with a scintillating shell and five independent, spiked heads. None of them had ever seen anything like it.
-Arfus approached cautiously and the snail ponderously countered toward her as well. Mads and Tjrolka moved to assist the gnome, and Owain fired arrows with his bow. The creature turned and fled (slowly) toward the pool, releasing a pulse of dazzling light which stunned its foes and made it harder for them to see it. Arfus withdrew, recognizing the defensive nature of the snail’s behaviour. The dwarf and half-orc momentarily pressed the attack, causing the snail to counter-strike, but Arfus finally succeeded in convincing them to let the creature go.
-They returned to Lord Thorbry, who recognized their description of the creature: a Flail Snail! He said the thing was a creature of Elemental Earth which had passed through to the Prime Material Plane and ate everything in its way while secreting a thick slime that eventually hardened into valuable glass. The goblins had been harvesting this glass, no doubt to sell to the Zhentarim.
-When pressed as to how he planned to stave off reprisal, Thorbry callously indicated that he could simply eliminate the middle man and supply the glass to the Zhents himself, getting back into their good graces. Arfus worried that he might kill the snail for its precious shell, but Thorbry pragmatically explained how much more the creature was worth alive.
-Their work concluded, the party returned to Iraiebor. They did not pass gheff on the way.
-After teleporting back to Westgate, they were paid and thanked by Baron von Wotzitz.

Summary: Four Sought Adventure. They saved a pony ranch and a majestic flail snail from goblins and spit in the face of The Mob, who also won in the end!

Loot and XP:

Arfus, Tjrolka, Mads, and Owain receive 125 GP each (350 from BvW, 150 from the Goblins= 500/4).

The active PCs receive 3 XP. Their (actual or hypothetical) second PCs received 2 XP.
All inactive PCs (and those yet to be created) receive 1 XP.


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