All the splendor of the Realms: Displayed prominently on your mantelpiece.

Across Faerun and beyond, glittering relics of antiquity lie forgotten and collecting dust in inhospitable locales—be they misty ruins, overgrown temples of lost and savage tribes, or forbidding and long-abandoned crypts. These treasures need not while away the ages unappreciated! Thanks to the tireless efforts of the erudite Baron Lemmich Tarnunius Baxter Von Wotzitz VII and the deft and sagacious Captain Aeneriah Bibelot, any of the manifold wonders of yesteryear can find a triumphant place of honor in the salons and ballrooms of today’s elite. Assert your status with a Command Procurement—by commission only from our team of expert seekers of eldritch fortune.

Wotzitz and Bibelot's Command Procurements

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