Wotzitz and Bibelot's Command Procurements

Session One: Nothic to Worry About!

Wulfric “Rick” Greyfox- Steve
Ander Lackman- Ryan
Arfus Taielle Waggins Sparklerock Sprout MacMossytoes- Kelly

Quest Giver: Wotzitz

Client: An anonymous Powerful Wizard

Objective: Retrieve the Pouch of Olde Mophelumpe Burley Shag

Location: an observatory outside of Shadowdale

NPC Contacts:
Doans Selgard
Shadowdale Guardsmen
Syluné Silverhand
Nothics x2
Animated Armors x2
Gnolls x3

Result: Success! The objective was retrieved and a special package addressed to “EA” was left in safekeeping with Doans Selgard.

Reward: 250gp to each PC.
Loot: None claimed.

XP: 300 to Participating PCs
225 to Players’ Seconds
150 to Non-Participants
50 RP bonus to Rick


dodds_adam dodds_adam

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