Game Basics


Wotzitz and Bibelot’s Command Procurements is an episodic, organization-based campaign for D&D 5th Edition. Session play works just like regular D&D, but the logistic structure of the game is based on a rotating bullpen of characters played by a rotating cast of players.

<details>* When a game session is announced, a Doodle link is produced to which all players can respond. The Doodle usually includes several potential dates and/or start times from which players can choose.

  • The first date and time which shows five definite players (or, barring a full roster, the most popular date after a reasonable passage of time) is selected as the game day.
  • Players who are uncertain of availability or who don’t make it in time to join the session roster should click {(Yes)-If need be} to get a yellow check result and show interest but not commitment. Alternates will be invited from (Yes) resondents should any scheduled player’s availability change.</details>

Game Basics

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